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By merging different specialties under one roof, we offer you holistic, modern and specialist medicine at the highest level. We professionally cover conservative and operative orthopedics / traumatology and general surgery, as well as internal medicine, cardiology, general medicine, sports medicine. We also offer a state-of-the-art conservative spine center against your back problems using SpineMED and LNB therapy.

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Orthopedics, traumatology and general surgery

In addition to orthopedic, traumatology and general surgery Dr. A. Diaz covers as a general surgeon the areas of general surgery. He has an additional qualification in Manual Therapy, Chiropractic, Emergency Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology of the Skeleton.
Dr. A. Diaz is an all-rounder in the entire field of orthopedics, general surgery and traumatology.

General practitioner

Our doctors are also available to you promptly for all general medical illnesses and emergencies, including home visits.


Dr. D. Becker from Germany, as a specialist in internal medicine, with a cardiological approach, covers the entire field of internal medicine. These include complete cardiovascular control, thyroid control and other diseases of internal medicine. 


Successfully treat back pain/diseases of the spine (herniated discs, acute or chronic pain and many other diseases of the spine) with SpineMed decompression therapy and Liebscher & Bracht® manual therapy, even in the long term.


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La descompresión espinal es un método de tratamiento médico, no quirúrgico, basado en computadora e innovador. Usando la tabla de tratamiento SpineMED, el dolor cervical y lumbar se trata mediante la descompresión del espacio vertebral. Este método está dirigido principalmente al tratamiento de enfermedades del disco intervertebral. El tratamiento seguro, efectivo y confiable con Spine SpineMED no tiene efectos secundarios negativos y es una alternativa suave a la cirugía de disco intervertebral y los riesgos asociados. El éxito del tratamiento con SpineMED se basa en la precisión de la acción en el área afectada y en el hecho de que se evita la contractura muscular reactiva habitual.



Spinal decompression is a medical, non-surgical, computer-based and innovative treatment method. Using the SpineMED treatment table, cervical and lumbar pain is treated by decompression of the vertebral space.
This method is primarily aimed at the treatment of intervertebral disc diseases. Safe, effective and reliable, treatment with Spine SpineMED has no negative side effects and is a gentle alternative to intervertebral disc surgery and the associated risks.
The success of the treatment with SpineMED is based on the accuracy of the action in the affected area and on the fact that the usual reactive muscle contracture is avoided.

Who is this treatment useful for?
People with acute or chronic lumbar or cervical spine pain disc prolapse Disc bulging or degeneration Sciatica (lumbago) – lower extremity pain Brachialgia – upper limb pain Facet joint osteoarthritis facet syndrome Unsuccessful back surgery without stabilization Conservative spine center SpineMED / LNB 

Who has never had back pain or suffers from it ?!
SpineMED therapy is the most modern and innovative non-operative (conservative) treatment method for intervertebral disc disease and other back problems in the area of the neck and lumbar spine. The modern, innovative and extremely effective method of spinal decompression offers new possibilities in the field of conservative treatment and represents a painless and uncomplicated alternative to intervertebral disc surgery and other methods (e.g. syringes) in combination with other methods such as modified manual therapy and Pain therapy according to
Liebscher and Pracht can achieve good to very good and above all long-lasting results.
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